Bruno Santos – Fit Brazilian Star

Bruno Santos, fit, educated and beautiful!

The tall, dark and very hunky Brazilian star is one of the emerging model sensations from South America in recent years. Fact, he is the only male model who was selected to carry out two blockbuster campaigns simultaneously for two competing fashion houses, Versace and Giorgio Armani. Bruno has modelled for all the big ones including Yves St.Laurent. His Bio is interesting and his early years were not easy, coming from a large family, he had three brothers and one sister and because of this fact he had to work from an early age of just 12 years old. He worked in construction and even on a farm during this time, very happy girls walking by watching him work, probably the girls wolf whistled him, well I know I would. His granny believes that his chiselled physique and good looks is a result of hard work as a child. But get this, not only is this guy hot as hot can be he is also academic and did really well in school. He was an engineering student before he became a model and not only that he was even teaching maths on the side. Not like any teacher I ever had, what about you?

Bruno never thought that he would become a model but in 2000 his girlfriend who was also a model introduced him to her agency. The agency suggested that Bruno try out in Europe, because of his South American smouldering good looks. Bruno was working full-time and didn’t take all of this modelling stuff seriously. But the agency and his friends eventually changed Bruno’s mind about modelling. He took the plunge and thank goodness he did! For all of us.

He travelled to Paris, where he met his agent Ike Gamez. It was Ike Gamez who introduced Bruno into main stream high fashion, which led to the campaigns for Versace shot by Steven Klein and Armani by Peter Lindburgh.

Travelling around the world and experiencing different cultures is the upside of modelling for Bruno, especially when he met his secret crush Christina Aguilera at the shoot of Versace. But the downside of the business is travelling away from home and family. Because of the travelling, Bruno has a difficult time to have a steady girlfriend. Good for all us singletons!

Being a good business man and thinking about the future Bruno owns a restaurant where his family works. He also enjoys reading poetry in his spare time, so people, fit, educated, family orientated, sensitive, gorgeous body, where is the downside. Can there be one?

Finally – question would Bruno wear cotton boxers ?


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