Katy Perry and hot men in Undies! Yes Please

Miss Perry more famous for snogging a few girls and liking it was strutting her stuff on the stage with a whole bunch of sexy, toned, handsome, shiny, buff, not wearing very much, well just a pair of undies if we are honest men this week.   Now I feel a bit upset that Miss Perry did not tell me about this particular event seeing that I make hot and secy underwear.  If  we would have known that she would have been surrounded by so many half naked and buff young men we would have sent the underpants for such an event, they would have looked even hotter dancing about in schultz heatseeker undies or maybe schultz coming soon! Keeping all that special tackle under-control and safe and sound, nothing beats a comfortable safe pair of undies and we know that’s what we deliver! maybe next time Miss Perry could you keep us in the loop, Please!

Katy performed at the 2008 Fashion Cares Gala in Toronto, Canada, with a group of muscly, underwear-clad hunks.

Katy, dressed in a little white dress, obviously enjoyed the whole event and she smiles all the way through it she skipped around on stage with the fit and sexy men, and she couldn’t resist grabbing one model’s impressive biceps and I wonder what else she might have had a feel of? answers on a postcard.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy is gearing up to take to the stage again later this week to host this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards she has been nominated for two awards Best New Act and Most Addictive Single – I Kissed a Girl.

Katy Perry

Katy is really pleased that she has been asked to host the MTV event saying ‘To follow in the footsteps of previous hosts Christina Aguilera, Tom Jones, P Diddy and Snoop Dogg at this prestigious event is an incredible honour – do they know what they are getting into?  ‘I just hope that I don’t spill my cocktail!’

Dame Shirley Bassey also performed at the AIDS charity event, making a grand entrance in a lime green dress trimmed with a dramatic feathered wrap and still looks fabulous and sexy, no VPL there girl. Go Girl!

Dame Shirley Bassey


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