Mark Foster – swimmer

Mark Foster – strictly come dancing x-contestant

bares all as he does a Becks in his briefs shoot!

As far as impersonations go, it is worthy of a gold medal.

It may be good bye to Mark Foster from strictly come dancing even after he appeared in that up to the minute string vest with sleeves.  Well each week you could tell that he was fit and take a peek at this and look at his finely honed physique and effortless smoulder and sexy side look, Mark Foster’s attempt to recreate David Beckham’s notorious Armani advert is not bad, is it?

And except for the odd grey hair, his likeness is all the more remarkable given he is approaching his 40th birthday.  Nothing wrong with being 40 though is there!

X-Strictly Come Stripping: Mark Foster shows off his impressive figure in a David Beckham-style pose

The inspiration for the shoot was Mr Beckham – As David Beckham caused a stir in their provocative pose last year, prompting speculation his package had been airbrushed.  More information about this at

However, there does appear to be one particular area in which the swimmer fails to measure up to the England footballer.  While Mr Beckham showed off a suspiciously large bulge in his own pictures, the 6ft 5in Olympian falls slightly short in that department according to the press reports, however, it looks okay to me! Either way, both sportsmen appear to have made use of some rather strategic padding during their respective photoshoots.

Explaining his decision to strip down, Foster said: ‘I’m so used to swimming in a pair of trunks and being in next to nothing anyway, stripping to a pair of underpants isn’t a major issue for me. But I don’t see myself as a heartthrob – I’m just me.’The 38-year-old competed in his fifth Olympics in Beijing this summer although failed to win a medal after tumbling out in the early stages of the competition.

And while he has never spoken openly about his love-life he says of his most appealing qualities: ‘I can cook. Even though I went out on the first round of Masterchef, I can cook. I find cooking very therapeutic. ‘I’m also very good at doing as I’m told. I’m pretty tidy, and by the end of this I’ll know my way around a dancefloor.’

I am sure the debate will rage on has he or hasn’t he been enhanced?  What do you think ?


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