Beyonce and Justin Timberlake

Well I have reported about Beyonce and Justin before on my underwearqueen blog but thought I would post this one on here.  As it is three hot men in undies !!!!!!

Saturday Night Live which has over the last thirty years,  launched the careers of many of the brightest comedy performers of a generation and as “The New York Times” noted on the occasion of the show’s Emmy winning 25th Anniversary special in 1999: “In defiance of both time and show business convention, “SNL”  is still the most pervasive influence on the art of comedy in contemporary culture.” At the close of the century, “Saturday Night Live” placed seventh on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the Top 100 Entertainers of the past fifty years.

Last night’s episode November 15th 2008 of “Saturday Night Live” was the gayest in the show’s history.  From man-on-man kissing skits to Justin Timberlake appearing as a unitard-clad dancer in a Beyonce video shoot, “SNL” seemed to be saying, “Gay community, we love you.” Now doesn’t Justine Timberlake have a very nice pair of legs?

Mr Timberlake and two others donned no sleeved leotards and became backing dancers for Miss. Beyonce bulges and lunch boxes to see and admire, and check out those black court shoes!


It was on youtube but it looks like they have taken it off youtube as it says that it is not available any more!! However, you can see still see copies of it.

This is the original


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