Sugarbabes – Pop Art

Scantily clad men all over the place !!!

The Sugarbabes have a new single out soon and have just shot the video for it which you can see right here below.  The models who all look very fit, toned, muscualr well loverly to be frank, were used to full effect in making themselves in to a bridge, car, motorbike. As well as lamps with lampshades on their heads – which let’s face it looks a little funny!


What a ride! Keisha rides a man-motorbike in the video for their new single No Can Do

This video has the  Sugababes domineering the men as objects – even though they are being walked over with high heels the faces are of pleasure and pain! The girls are surrounded by men acting as motorbikes, cars and pieces of furniture in the video to their new single No Can Do.

The video is directed by Marco Puig who has previously created videos for Robbie Williams and Madonna. The idea came from a piece of pop art created by Allen Jones in the 1960s in which he took female mannequins and fashioned them into everyday pieces of furniture.

Keisha, 24, rides a man-motorbike while Heidi, 25, and Amelle, 24,  take a trip in a man-car.


Men falling at her feet: Heidi strolls through a sea of scantily-clad male models


Heidi and Amelle take a trip in a car made out of men

Sugarbabes and “No Can Do” is released on 22nd December but you can see it here first.


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