David Beckham Bungee Jumping

From football to free-fall: The day David Beckham did a  bit of bungee jumping

Perched more than 130ft above the water, he could have been forgiven for showing a touch of nerves.  As I am sure that he had been nervous – blood pounding round your body – the thrill – though when you look at the photographs he looks very cool and calm.  The smiling 33-year-old footballer even had the presence of mind to text a friend before launching himself from beneath the arch of the Auckland Harbour Bridge in New Zealand.

Beckham smiles from his lofty perch

David Beckham doesn’t appear nervous as he gets ready for his jump

His second leap propels him head-first into the water

Off he goes – HEAD FIRST – Beckham is propelled head-first into the water

He whooped and cheered as he bounced a few feet short of the surface before swinging back up to rejoin his touring team-mates from the LA Galaxy club.   And so exciting was the experience that he immediately asked to repeat it – this time with the elasticated cord made longer so that he was dunked into the water.

Beckham drips water as he rockets back up

Beckhamas he rockets back up

Beckham is hoisted skywards after his soaking

Beckham is hoisted skywards after his soaking but still looks relaxed and calm

Wife Victoria, who is back at home with their three sons in Los Angeles, is unlikely to follow in her husband’s daredevil footsteps, I suppose she could not wear her 8 inch heels and a new designer dress and having that harness between your legs….well I will leave it at that!  She recently said that her idea of a thrilling time was staying in and watching a DVD.  Ok Victoria yes, we believe you…not….


Beckham smiles after he is hoisted back up onto the bridge

The Auckland Harbour Bridge in New Zealand

The Auckland Harbour Bridge in New Zealand – and I wonder what the insurance was like ?????


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