Sexy underwear from Schultz

Underwear not only makes a perfect gift, it is also great to go shopping for yourself. Shopping on the high street though can be sometimes a real pain and with the wonderful Internet it makes it so easy, soft music, glass of wine, no queuing, no parking charges just flick on the computer and settle back and shop, I love shopping for underwear. The only draw back about it that, is it can be a minefield in the fact that what should you buy?

So many things to consider and look at and you are spoilt for choice, it can sometimes be overwhelming and why buy one product rather than another. We all feel that way and sometimes we are a bit nervous about buying a new product that we have not tried before with questions rushing though our heads, such as, will it fit? How will it fit? What will the quality of the garment be like? What happens if I don’t like it?

Why buy from Schultz? Our products are unique and are designed with an eye to detail and quality. Schultz underwear is different and offers you the customer a first quality garment that delivers every time. Delivered direct to you and we guarantee you will love them. At Schultz I know that you will love the underwear we sell, well they will be yours when you buy them! They are made from quality cotton and are colourful and fun. The straplines are flirty and fun.

And okay, of course I am biased and I have a complete collection of Schultz designer underwear but I also have choice pieces from Ultimo and even Agent Provocateur. Story in that one (I will bore you for a second) I had been out for lunch with some girlfriends and one thing led to another and £200 later I was an Agent Provocateur customer. Not that I regret it!! So if you are looking for fun, bold and flirty underwear that you will love and your partner will too. Click away and get a pair or two. “. I Just on a final note I have been experimenting on “Movie Maker” it’s good fun and I made the following hope you enjoy it.


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