Steve Borthwick bares all

RUGBY players have bared all in their latest ad campaign.

England captain Borthwick reveals all as he hits back at the critics who labelled the economics graduate ‘brainless’

Steve Borthwick knows he has no choice as England rugby captain than to accept responsibility for his team’s humiliating trio of defeats in their last three Tests. But being called ‘brainless’ is another matter. A notoriously private character.  Borthwick has coped with the upset and anger felt by his friends and family from the endless personal criticism since the disastrous autumn series, which included record defeats at Twickenham by South Africa and New Zealand.

Steve Borthwick

Full details on Daily Mail.

More details on Daily Mail more details to enjoy.

Naked – Steve Borthwick has accepted the criticism for the way England lost to Australia – and is determined to make amends.

For the ad campaign Shane Williams – Welsh International player and  stripped bare too….enjoy

Naked ambition ... Welsh international Shane Williams

Naked ambition … Welsh international Shane Williams


Flying high … England international Paul Sackey



  1. I never thought i’d be jealous of mud! Steve. *sigh*

  2. really like the photo of Steve Borthwick in particular, what a fantastic body he has.

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