Twlight Taylor Lautner and his underwear

Taylor Lautner may have just been a co-star in the latest Twilight but he has fans that adore him and want to see more of him.

The moody and sexy young man pout

Werewolf Hottie

Very young!!!!!

Robert Pattinson might be the most popular member of the Twilight cast but Taylor Lautner still has a big following and so her should.   Twilight fans might ask Rob to bite their necks !!!!!  but Taylor’s fans seem more interested in getting him to sign their underwear. Yes that’;s what I said sign their underwear.

Taylor told fans in Japan: “We were at some event in the US and there was an older woman, definitely had children, probably even had grandchildren.   “And she came up to me and she was like ‘Taylor I’m wearing the Team Taylor panties I would really love it if you would sign them.’

“Luckily I had someone next to me who could get me out of that situation but later that day I had the same thing… it’s not the teenage girls, it’s the older ladies and they’re asking me whether I can sign their Taylor underwear. “Honestly that’s the craziest.”

We look forward to seeing more of him……


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