Hugh Jackman tough work out for the perfect body

Hugh Jackman worked hard to bulk up for his latest movie and us as viewers appreciate it!

We read constantly in the papers, magazines and online about this celebrity or that celebrity losing weight or gaining weight.  Lindsay Lohan and the skinny shots at the moment are frightening as are the photos recently of Jennifer Love-Hewitt who went from a curvy actress to nearly a size 0.  It beggars the question why?  She used to look very good and curvy.

Curvy to skinny

 Jennifer Love Hewitt
And an upside down belt!!!

The world of yo-yo dieting is alive and kicking and this is especially the case with our alleged role models from the world of celebrities, Britney is now toned and lets hope she did it sensibly!

Just check out Underwearqueen posts about Jessica Simpson, who once topped the polls for having the world’s hottest body as she famously paraded around in a pair of very small denim hot-pants, has now apparently shot from a size four to a 14.

Not fat by any means but when she re-wore an outfit recently with her new body shape, before and after photo comparisons are bound to be made.  As role models go, women need to look at females who possess health and vitality and not just a bag of bones which so many celebrities seem to be more and more nowadays. Meanwhile men need to look at the new role model in town and what a picture of health he is. The Australian actor Hugh Jackman voted most sexiest man in the world by People Magazine is in awesome shape for his latest movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine – brilliant film may I add.

Jackman plays the role of Wolverine and since this particular film focuses on how he became that character, Jackman was asked to add 20 pounds of rock-hard muscle to his already impressive build. Jackman went to his old friend and personal trainer Michael Ryan to prepare for this most demanding role.

Hugh mde a plan and he started his training 12 months prior to filming.  It wasn’t a quick fix.  Hugh trained one-and-a-half hours per day, five days per week, and his trainer changed his programme every three weeks. By consistently changing the programme’s variables like exercises, repetitions, tempo and rest periods, you can continually confuse the muscle.   Hugh told himself that he would go into the gym every day and work as hard as he possibly could, and if he couldn’t he would go back in the next day and work even harder. This mentality let him do something he had never done before — a 143kg bench press.

His eating was strict. It takes determination and dedication to stay disciplined on your diet and Hugh ate six meals per day religiously. They consisted of lots of fresh food, steamed vegetables, lean meat (mainly boiled chicken) and one small serving of brown rice per day. He recently commented, saying: “I wasn’t a great dinner party guest.”


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