Daniel Craig as a lolly – Licence to Chill !!!

Daniel Craig is now a purple lolly ready for a good licking !!!!!!!


To me looking at this it looks rather bizarre, just seen it on Loose Women and the lolly is quiet big and as the panel licked and sucked Daniel Craig (this sounds very rude) his head dropped off!!!!!

An ice cream company have created a purple “licence to chill” yes I wrote “licence to chill!!!) lolly after asking more than 1,000 women which male celebrity they would like to see on the end of a stick.

Del Monte Superfruit Smoothies said artists “worked tirelessly” I bet they did!!!!!  to recreate a sculpture of 41-year-old Craig in the scene where he emerges from the sea in Casino Royale.


“Daniel Craig topped the Delmonte’s poll of Britain’s coolest celebrities and thanks to our Del Monte lolly replica he is officially immortalised as super smooth and licensed to chill,” said spokesman Matt O’Connor from DelMonte.

The Daniel Craig smoothie lollies are blueberry, pomegranate and cranberry flavoured and under 100 calories each.  Oh yes we like that part under 100 calories thats the selling point.

They are to be distributed during the first National Ice Cream Week for a week which ends on June 7, so get them before they disappear!


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