Mike Tindall

Mike Tindall – beefy rugger star and boyfriend of

Zara Phillips – Now what would Liz say ?

Mr Tindall is a broad shouldered very well built rugger player with a few assets you don’t have to look to hard to see why Zara loves this man.  Talk about big – and I mean his chest now and his back look at those muscles!!!!!!!

What would Liz think about his photo especially as he is her granddaughter Zara’s boyfriend who is half naked or is that 2/3’s naked as he is only wearing undies – well he could be wearing socks but we can’t see that!

Mike Tindall as he appears on a Gloucester Rugby Squad Charity Calendar

England and Gloucester rugby star Mike Tindall has stripped to his boxer shorts, displaying an oiled and very smooth – perhaps even shaved, waxed – torso, for a charity calendar.  Oh Goody I think I will buy two!

GLOUCESTER Rugby stars with no more than a ball or undies to cover their modesty are set to bring cash rolling in for charity.  Homegrown superstar Andy Hazell persuaded his team mates to strip off for the nude Pumping Iron calendar.   Some of the proceeds from the open-side flanker’s calendar are going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer Care, which he has chosen as one of the charities to benefit from his testimonial.

Click here!January’s boys are Mike Tindall, Anthony Allen and Ryan Lamb, Iain Balshaw is Mr February, while the three kilted Cherry and Whites, Alasdair Strokosch, Alasdair Dickinson and Rory Lawson team up for March.

Andy goes solo for June and so too does Mike Tindall for July. Matthew Watkins is Mr August, Willie Walker Mr September and Lesley Vainikolo a mean and moody Mr October.   Olly Morgan and Luke Narraway got in the shower for the November shot – looking forward to that month then, and Anthony Allen takes the calendar to the end of the year.

The Pumping Iron calendar, priced at £10 is available from http://www.andyhazellbenefit.co.uk

As for the queen being upset maybe not too much as she  reportedly a big fan of the male voice Fron Choir from Wales’ Llangollen, and her equerry, Squadron Leader Andy Calame, has purchased their charity calendar as a gift for her.  According to Britain’s Daily Express newspaper, Calame tried to purchase the calendar on the internet, but found the site was blocked on Buckingham Palace’s computers as the pictures were classed as X-rated.

So the queen’s aide wrote to the choir, telling them what a huge fan the queen was of their music, and informing them of the difficulty purchasing the calendar online. Choir spokesman David Jones said: “We had a letter from the queen’s equerry saying our CD had gone into Her Majesty’s music collection and have since heard it was played at Sandringham over Christmas.” The Fron Choir have now sent the queen a copy of their charity calendar, in which their members bare almost all.  Okay they have an average age of 66 and a combined age of !!! Well it does not bearing counting.

Peek only if you are brave and I know what calander i would rather take to bed!!

Golf anyone?

Golf anyone?


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